Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

you know...

it's pretty bad when co-workers openly pontificate on the "surprising" level of happiness i seem to be exuding today. the truth is, that i've been relatively happy for a while, it just happens that work usually makes me miserable. it's funny how people can have just a piece of you, and from that experience deduce that you are either "this," or "that." and, while they might tap a vein occasionally, they are usually off by quite a bit.

the bottom line is that i've had huge issues here. i've known what they are, but haven't had the room to work through them. right now, i have a month's worth of room to either get through them, or move on. i would prefer find a way to resolve what has been bothering me and not be so miserable here...
Tags: happiness, office gossip
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