Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

words fail me.

i couldn't write my music term paper... so i skipped the final. trumped by a funk.

writing in livejournal has also become laborious. this is a strange place, really... not depression, or boredom, but a definite lack of joy. i simply don't care about much anymore. i'm going to sabotage everything i've worked for the past four years... the idea makes me smile.

i'm looking forward to vacation in three weeks. there are a few things i am looking forward to while in burney. i should call andy to see if he wants to spend some time in bridgeport with my brother and i. it's been a long time since last hearing his voice.

i can't wait to photograph bears.

i need a nap.
Tags: andy, burney, thorn, twin lakes
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