Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

i'm not much of a movie person, but natalia was watching "beautiful girls" last night when i stopped by to drop a disc off. i layed on the couch with raja (sweetest dalmation dog in the world. raja and i have a long history together... she thinks that i'm her boyfriend. i swear she's the strangest dog in the world. so, natalia, her boyfriend, randy, raja and me watched a movie. and, now i forget my point, but i think it was... i have a secret crush on the 13 year old character played by natilie portman. while i sat under my epiphany, it occured to me that no small town anywhere could be home to enough interesting people to base a movie on... could one? anyway, i'd wait five years for natalie, only if she asked. it would be quite absurd for me to to that now, as she's old enough and far enough away for me to drop this late night rambled fantasy...
Tags: natalia, natalie portman, raja
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