Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

This is an e-mail I just wrote...

Why am I here? It's too late... it's too late. But, I'm restless and angry. The feeling is in my gut, and I'm squinting my eyes at everyting, like I have a personal score to settle with objects. Yes, objects! I'm tired of trying to work through this damn identitiy / mid-life / self-loathing / lonly-trip crisis. The course of each day presents me with reoccuring themes built (by me, i'm sure) only to destroy my ability to be me. I'm lost, I'm lonely and I'm disconnected. Somewhere in there you'll find unhappy between the lines.

I want more from life and I've been settling for so little.

That's all. I don't know if that is an epiphany, or just late-night scribbles from a mad-man. I hope a little of both. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Call me if you have a moment, and feel like talking...
Tags: depression, email
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