Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

i've been trying to think of a good way to say i'm fucking miserable. but, when i say it that way, i develop a deep laugh from the bottom of my soul and don't feel as desperate... it's almost evil. yes, i'm evil. i am more confused, hurt, lonely, sad, spiteful, upset, irritable, grumpy, cranky, pissed off, sick, disappointed, and defiant than i have ever been in my life. ever. ever. i'm harboring hatred for things, as well... something i have never done before. i can't hate people, but i can hate things... i find that easy.

i hate: religion, automobiles, stoplights (yea, go figure), politics, academia, fashion, shakira (not the artist, but the art), pompousness, inflated ego, class systems, money, rent, bills (etc.), mcdonalds (and the like), smog, two-stroke engines, quad-runners, jet skis, poachers (unless they're super poor people in need of food), any individual who would shoot a grizzly bear, corruption, people who hurt people, ignorance, fist fights, dishonesty, lies, coming to work, work, getting off work, going home, having a home (specifically my apartment), not having space, not having love in my space, hangovers, etc...

there's more, but i'm running out of time here...
Tags: depression
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