Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

stop. i'm trying to construct something here, only its not working. words, not flowing, look awkward in sentences. i'm stumped. perhaps i should write nothing and why have i not left for home? i'm tired, hot and with headache... surely there are better places, like my bed, for me to be. *sigh*

i called nicole twice yesterday to leave messages. she returned call, and asked me to call her after seven. around seven-ten, as i sat in my closet, on my hamper, i called her. "i'm going crazy," i told her. "we're all crazy," she replied and continued to ask, "what's normal, anyway and by whose definition?" "i'm going crazy by my standards... i don't know me anymore," i answered. "i'm feeling strange." i rambled on for a while, then said goodbye and thought that, maybe i shouldn't have called her. she's going to call me sometime, although i wouldn't hold my breath. she'll call in a couple of months... maybe.

then i called my mother. i needed to hear her voice, to feel connected. she told me willie's mom was getting married saturday.

so, i called willie's mom. we chatted for two hours. i miss her. i miss people...
Tags: going crazy, mom, nicole, patty
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