Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

I have a test this morning, but am not prepared. I don't feel like studying, either... I'm at work, anyhow. It's pointless. I sat on grass at The Hud (Megan, Havalah, and Al's little house) with notes in hand, trying to study, but more intersted in the path and the sun. My mind wanders, and where it goes... I suppose that's where I'd rather be.

I've settled (perhaps only temporarily) into loathing the self-indulgent shallowness inherent in being human. And, I'm terrified of remaining alone. However, yesterday, behind the mountains... ascending (then descending) steep trails in my sandals, I felt more at home by myself than I would have had someone been with me. I took off my shirt and stood, looking down at myself in fine appreciation of a beautiful farmers tan. Sun reflected off pasty white skin and pink man-nipples.

I felt good...

And this morning, I feel much better.
Tags: allen, havalah, hiking in sandals, jody, megan, pasty white skin, the hud
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