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If there is a God, I am most certainly going to hell, and (to top that off) I think my brain has hemorrhaged. My body stinks, my feet hurt and I ate two packs of M&M's which were chased by a Coca Cola. Satit came in this evening only to tell me (as he held his arms apart lengthwise) that I was getting chunky. I answered, "of course I'm getting fat, all I do is drink beer and eat cheese pizza while spending all of my free time on the couch." It's to the point now that I get winded just thinking about descending stairs...

This is all beside the point. I've decided, after giving myself another knot (to add to the growing collection) in my back, that I need to be more patient with people whom I deal with on the phone. A woman decided to test my sanity by turning a simple video renewal into an epic test of my ability to stay rational and civil. I spent the latter part of the ten minute (in a couple of days this fish will be ten feet long) conversation dancing in frustration followed by intense angst. I don't know how else to explain to someone that, because we are closed Sunday and Monday, that any video renewed today, tomorrow or Saturday will be due on Tuesday. I told her at least five times, using the same language, until she finally understood that she could renew tonight and turn her video in on Tuesday. It's amazing that I was able to keep a civil tone in my voice, although when she asked me if I had seen a movie she had checked out on her record, I replied shortly, "No. I don't watch movies. Have a good night." By that time I had spent my patience.

The interesting thing is that I am capable of being infinitely patient. Why I choose to get frustrated with people while on the phone is beyond me. I know I can choose when and where to exercise patience...

I'm done getting frustrated with people. If I can't help them for my sake, I'll help me for theirs. That's about all I can do other than give myself an aneurism.
Tags: impatience, intolerance, laryn, satit
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