Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

It's going to rain soon

And, the top is still off my jeep. The best I can hope for is one more hour (to get me off work, and home) of dry sky. I've been scanning documents all day, and am really fucking tired of it. The good news is that I really enjoy my classes (although I forgot to go to music this week - two classes were canceled and Wednesday's I spaced). I'm really excited about the photographs I have been able to produce in the darkroom the last two days. And, my guitar class... well, I'm learning to play the blues.

My birthday went wonderfully well. I really think that pulling 30 off will be a breeze. I still have two more dinners at the Bombay House promised to me (I'll try to fit them in by next week). Jared has been making fun of me because of this great ability to stretch my birthday celebration out. "You really love your birthday," he says. And, I've quit arguing.

In other news: I just walked behind a little Asian girl who was looking at porn on the computer. She quickly logged off, but out of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of men I've found using library to look at porn, she is only the second girl. Why don't more girls look at porn?

There's the thought for the day.
Tags: 30, classes, girls and porn, jared, library
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