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4 trips to the bombay house coming...
i am sam soundtrack
saxophone book and cd
flowers and flowers
bottle of yukon jack
2 bottles of tequila
12 pack of corona
6 pack of guinness
6 pack of new castle brown
a piece of art by spencer barton
a cigar
pokemon cake

my mail key (perhaps as i took to tossing my pants around the house...)

megan, al, hav, jared, chris, jane, little fen, grant, edric, megan (2), katerina, shelby, cameron, ryan, spencer, larry, jason, matt, little jacob, ruth, melissa, mark, and little bella (my guest of honor).

people who called but did not come to party:
cousin chris, thorn, natalia, natalia's mom (gina), mom and dad, nicole, and aunt joyce

fat, tired, slightly hung over and wanting of a soft, warm bed.

people who i wished could/would have been at the party:
mom, dad, thorn, willie, ryn, jeremy, don, ai, marsha, and andy.
Tags: 30, birthday, gifts, loved
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