Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

i'm greedy. i wish i hadn't given biloba that dead horse pale ale. i'm on my fifth beer and a sixth would be nice. i've got tequila in the freezer (i think), some vodka, maybe (come to think of it, i remember an empty bottle in the trash this morning - damn) ... i know i have some amaretto in the cupboard. mixing alcohols can be bad...

i'm on one: a bindge, a revolt, a resolution.

i've been drinking too much lately and i don't care what you think. fuck you :::said with a wink and a smile:::

axl rose: a disgrace, and perhaps a victim of mtv's psuedo intellectual rebellion. pop culture will take most of us in the end, won't it?

not me.

"nothing beats a dead horse"

i did.
Tags: allen, drunk, drunken posts, drunken ramblings
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